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What being accessible means

I'd like to share a couple of principles that will help you be more accessible. Being more accessible means:

  • Your message reaches more people.
  • People feel more welcomed, their needs are met without them (always) needing to ask

First to set the scene, I want to talk about Us and Them. The idea that there is Us and there is Them.

Us and Them

Us, the people doing these professional roles. We create systems, interfaces, content and digital and printed materials. ...continue reading "Being Accessible: Don’t wait to be asked"


When two tribes go to war

A point is all that you can score

Two Tribes - Frankie Goes to Hollywood[1]

So, what connects Frankie Goes to Hollywood with equality, diversity and inclusion?  Their 1984 hit, Two tribes, illustrates a human psychological theme that can lead to discrimination and exclusion.  Two tribes is about ‘Us’ vs ‘Them’ or Social Identity Theory.

Co-operate or die

My tribe or your tribe is Social Identity Theory.  It’s a fundamental part of our human nature that drives us to form and maintain societies. ...continue reading "Two tribes"

Adult MHFA Liverpool February 2019

We can train your staff, in the comfort of your venue, on any of our highly regarded courses.  We've successfully travelled and trained all over the UK, from Belfast (Queen's Film Theatre), to London (Poplar HARCA Housing), from Glasgow (Barratt Homes), to Bristol (Ethical Property Company).

In February 2019 we ran Adult Mental Health First Aid for The Mind Map Liverpool, with delegates from restaurants across Liverpool and Manchester, with 100% positive feedback.  ...continue reading "Training at your own venue"