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Information is only meant to flow in one direction

Police Officer Peter Grant interviewing a witness in Rivers of London, by Ben Aaronovitch[1]

Isn’t it simple?

Listening is simple, you hear stuff, right? Not exactly, listening is about how you understand another person. It’s processing what they are saying and making them feel listened to. ...continue reading "What do we mean by listening?"

Starting to communicate

I started learning British Sign Language (BSL) in 2005. I’m not fluent but I can communicate with most d/Deaf people because they are accepting and meet you half way or three quarters of the way. Like any language the key to BSL is confidence and a desire to communicate.

...continue reading "Thinking about learning British Sign Language?"


What being accessible means

I'd like to share a couple of principles that will help you be more accessible. Being more accessible means:

  • Your message reaches more people.
  • People feel more welcomed, their needs are met without them (always) needing to ask

...continue reading "Being Accessible: Don’t wait to be asked"